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Commencement subsidies are granted for rental housing loans, guaranteed loans and renovations. In addition, ARA grants subsidies for improvements in the housing conditions of special groups.
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Art and cultural subsidies are granted for arts and cultural institutions and communities, organisations, associations, working groups, artists, local events and residents in Helsinki to support art and cultural activities that are open to the public as well as basic education in the arts. The subsidies can be applied for both long-term work and project-type activities.
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The Education Committee grants subsidies to Helsinki-based organisations that provide daytime recreational activities on weekdays (from 8:00 to 17:00) for children under school age who are not participating in early childhood education. The application period is at January.
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Guaranteed loans can be used to construct regular rental housing but not housing for special groups.
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Interest-subsidized loans are granted for the construction and renovation of rental and right-of-occupancy housing, purchases of rental apartments and rental houses, construction of single-family homes, and renovations in housing-company-owned buildings.
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Renovation and energy-efficiency subsidies are subsidies granted from State funds for renovations of residential buildings and dwellings.
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