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Visiting senior centres, service houses and Helsinki hospitals

The restrictions are necessary to protect patients, residents and personnel from coronavirus infections.

Instructions for making indoor visits to senior centres, service houses and nursing homes

  • Visitors can meet residents indoors.
  • All visitors are given a face mask, which they must wear throughout the visit
  • A resident cannot have more than two visitors at a time and once a day.
  • There is no time limit set for an individual visit.
  • Nurses receive the visitors when they arrive and instruct them on the health protection practices.
  • Visitors must maintain good hand hygiene.
  • Only visit when you are in good health.
  • Maintain adequate safety distances.
  • In the event of coronavirus infections in the unit, visits may be temporarily prohibited until the risk of epidemic transmission has passed.

Outdoor visits are also possible

  • We recommend holding visits primarily outdoors, the weather and the resident's condition permitting.
  • The number of visitors or daily visits are not restricted.
  • There is no time limit set for an individual visit.
  • Visitors must wear a face mask outside, keep a safe distance and take care of good hand hygiene.

Guidelines for visits to Helsinki hospitals

Indoor visit

Two visitors are allowed at a time. A patient can be visited by visitors up to twice a day. Visits take place in the patient rooms. Visitors are not allowed in the public facilities of the ward. There is no time limit set for an individual visit.

Outdoor visit

The number of visitors or daily visits or the duration of visits are not restricted.
We kindly ask that you visit your relative outdoors, if possible. We recommend bringing your own hand sanitiser on outdoor visits.

Protection, hygiene, and safe distances

All visitors will be given a surgical mouth-nose or an FFP2 mask for the visit, which must be worn for the duration of the visit. The nurses can provide instructions on the use of the mask. Please ensure good hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser is available in the hospital’s premises. Please maintain a sufficiently safe distance from your relative and other patients during your visit.

You may not visit a hospital if you have even minor symptoms indicative of a coronavirus infection. Please note that people who have been exposed to the coronavirus are recommended to avoid contact for five days with everyone except those living in the same household. This also applies to hospital visits.

For more information on meetings, please contact the hospital your relative is being treated in.

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