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Visiting senior centres, service houses and Helsinki hospitals from 19.4.2021

Helsinki has entered a coronavirus spreading phase and the city's social and healthcare services have been forced to restrict patient and customer visits at many facilities. The restrictions are necessary to protect patients, residents and personnel from coronavirus infections.

Instructions for making indoor visits to senior centres, service houses and nursing homes

  • Visitors can meet residents indoors. The visit must always be agreed upon in advance, latest the day before the visit.
  • Each resident can have two visitors a day and the visit can take up to maximum of one hour. Two people are allowed to visit at a time.
  • Before the meeting, visitors are met by nurses, who will provide them with instructions on the proper protection.
  • All visitors are provided with face masks, which they must wear for the entire duration of the visit.
  • Visitors must observe good hand hygiene
  • You may only come for a visit when you are well
  • Care must also be taken to maintain a safe distance of over two meters. Hugging is not allowed, for example.  

    Outdoor visits are also possible

  • We recommend holding visits primarily outdoors, the weather and the resident's condition permitting.
  • Outdoor visits must also be agreed upon in advance
  • An outdoor visit may last up to on hour, and no more than five visitors may be present at a time.
  • You must use a face mask outside as well, and maintain a safety distance of over two meters.

    Guidelines for visits to Helsinki hospitals

    Only close relatives can visit patients in the Helsinki City Hospitals. A patient can have two visitor once a day. All visits must be agreed on with the staff in advance, latest a day before the visit.

    A visit can be a maximum of 30 minutes long and you can only visit if you are healthy. The visits are organised in the patient rooms.

    If the weather and the condition of the patient allows, the visit can also be held outside. The recommended length of an outdoor visit is one hour and there can be u to five visitors at a time.

    You must wear a surgical mask during the visit and maintain good hand hygiene. The visitors must maintain a safe distance of over two meters. E.g. hugging is not allowed.

    Relatives can visit patients in terminal care for two hours. There can be up to two visitors at a time.

    You can always be in contact with a relative or friend also by phone.

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