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Disruptions and fault reports

Water, electricity and gas

Water distribution

Fault service on-call duty 24h. HSY's on-call duty can be called in case of disturbances such as water pipe leaks, breaks in the water distribution and water meter leaks. Through the number, you can also listen to a message of current disturbances which are being repaired. On-call duty number: 09 1561 3000.

Electricity, district heating and district cooling

Helen's district heating fault centre is open 24h tel. 0800 160 602, Helen's fault report number 24h tel. 0800 180 808. Check all known outages in the electricity distribution on Helen's site:


Alarms and disturbances in the distribution 24h: 0800 122 552.

Streets and parks

Streets and traffic signs and green zones

Faults in streets and traffic signs and in parks and other green zones can be reported to the Urban Environment customer service tel. 09 310 22111.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting fault reports can be submitted Monday through Friday during office hours to the Urban Environment customer service at 09 310 22111. During other times the telephone number is 08001 90999.


Temporary traffic arrangements

Street construction works and events cause temporary traffic arrangements: streets have to be e.g. narrowed or closed.

Disturbances in traffic lights

Faulty traffic lights can be reported by phone to the Metropolitan area traffic management centre, tel. 09 310 37555.

Disturbances in public transport

HSL's customer service tel. 09 4766 4000. Current information on disturbances and changes in public transport (busses, trams, metro, commuter trains, Suomenlinna ferry) and feedback to HSL:


When you need urgent help in case of a fire, accident, seizure or on-going crime, call the emergency telephone number 112

Weather and air quality

Other feedback

If you do not find a suitable topic above, you can leave feedback to the city through the electronic feedback form.
The feedback is forwarded to the person in charge of the matter and we aim to provide a reply in five working days.
The City's telephone exchange at 09 310 1691 is open on working days from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Safety information pages

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