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Revision to a detailed plan

A property owner or holder can apply for a revision to a current detailed plan.


If a property owner or holder wishes to apply for a revision to a current detailed plan, the owner or holder must do so in writing. This can be done with a standard form used to apply for a revision to a detailed plan, or with a free-form application containing the same information.

The application must be accompanied by a certificate indicating the owner or holder of the property for which the revision is applied, for example, a title certificate or a certified copy of the sale or lease agreement.

The application can be accompanied by a drawing showing the proposed revision.

Before applying for a revision, the applicant is advised to contact the Detailed Planning Unit and discuss the feasibility and relevance of the revision with the planner in charge of the area.

The planners by area are available by appointment at Työpajankatu 8, Helsinki, switchboard: 09 310 2611.

If you are applying for amendment of the local detailed plan concerning a rented plot owned by the City, please contact the City's land acquisition unit before you submit the application. The contact information for the land acquisition team can be found under the Further information link.

The application should be delivered to the City of Helsinki Register Office.


After the proposal for a revision is approved, the landowner pays a fee to cover the production of necessary maps and the announcement of the revision. The fee is determined by the real costs caused by the revision.

More information:

If the application is for an upgrade of a site for single-family housing from utilization level 0.20 to level 0.25, the upgrade can be done with a deviation permit. The instructions and forms can be found on the Building Control Department's Web site.

Printable forms - Revision to a detailed plan. forms

Further information:
The appliction form is available in Finnish and in word and pdf format. The filled-in copy of the form can be saved. The application can be delivered to the City of Helsinki Registrar's Office by mail, e-mail, telefax or in person.


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