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Applying to basic education after-school activities


1 - The application period for the after-school activities is in the spring. The activities are subject to a fee and provided under the Basic Education Act.

2 - You can use the Service Map to search for a suitable after-school activity by entering the following search word: after-school activities.

3 - Complete the application form online and sign it by using strong identification. If you cannot use the online form, apply with a paper form.

4 - If you apply during the application period, we will post the decision in July.

5 - Applications arriving after the application period will be processed depending on the available places during the school year. We do not answer status inquiries regarding your application during the process.

For more detailed application instructions, please visit


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After-school activities specified in Chapter 8 a of the Basic Education Act are available to first and second grade pupils at comprehensive schools in Helsinki and also to pupils of all grades who receive special support.


Enrolment and application instructions

1. The application period for after-school activities organised at schools is 22 March-23 April 2021.

2. The application should be submitted online. Invoice will be addressed to the guardian whose online banking credentials are used for identification and filling in the application form.

3. Fill in the application form carefully. If there is any required information missing, you will not be able to submit the application.

4. When submitting the application, you are asked to identify with online banking credentials, Mobile ID or an ID card with a chip. Identification will be your online signature.

5. Outside the application period applications for schools' after-school activities should be sent to the address Education Division, After-school activities, PO Box 51300, 00099 City of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

Printable forms - Paper application for after-school activities

Further information:
If you are unable to use the online application form, you can apply by printing out and sending us the paper application.

Related service points and contact information:


Education Division

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