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Child welfare services' family group conference

Family group conference promotes the customers' chances to influence the child welfare services and enables families and loved ones to take part in the lives of the children and young people.

In family group conference, the child's family and those close to the family will come together to discuss and plan how to secure the growth of the child or young person as a part of the everyday life of the family.

In family group conference
- Issues requiring solutions will be named.
- The resources of the family, loved ones and the Social Services Department will be combined. - You can participate and influence your family matters and make decisions concerning them.
- All available support for various, individual situations will be brought to light.
- As concrete a plan as possible for changing the situation of the child or the young person will be compiled together. Commitment to change stems from your own plans.

The objective is to make a unanimous, concrete plan for organising protection and care for the child or young person. A central part of family group conference is that the client family and their loved ones come together to discuss and plan how to secure the growth of the child or young person, while taking into account their own needs and resources. The starting point is to consider the thoughts and hopes of the child and to provide the family and their network with the opportunity to present their own options. The responsibility of the authorities is to tell the close network all essential information related to the case and explain their possibilities in supporting the child and the loved ones in implementing the plan. A third-party intermediary, called a convener, gathers the people needed for the family group conference together.

Services are applied for via the social worker in charge of the case.

The services are free of charge for the customers.


Client families of child welfare services and their loved ones.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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