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Mental health and substance abuse nurse's appointment

If you are burdened by anxiety, insomnia, a life crisis or a risk of excessive substance abuse, you can come to a nurse's appointment to receive help for your situation. Public health nurses specialising in mental health and substance abuse work together with a doctor. You can also ask a nurse for advice if you are worried about the substance use of someone close to you.

The treatment period involves 1-10 appointments. We will assess your treatment needs in more detail and tailor the treatment to suit you as well as possible by taking your life situation and symptoms into account. Our treatment selection includes services such as treatment programmes and online therapy for anxiety, depression and insomnia, psychophysical physiotherapy, various group therapy programmes and brief psychotherapy.

A mental health and substance abuse nurse's appointment is non-urgent care that requires a treatment needs assessment. A doctor or nurse at your local health station can make this assessment. You can book a mental health and substance abuse nurse's appointment by contacting your local health station. You can call the health station, submit a contact request electronically via Maisa or visit the health station's emergency services to talk about your situation.

Visits to a mental health and substance abuse nurse are available free of charge to registered Helsinki residents over the age of 18. Service is guaranteed in Finnish and Swedish. If you need an interpreter, ask for one when booking the appointment.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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