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Rehabilitating prisoner work

Rehabilitating work with inmates is a cooperation project between the Helsinki Department of Social Services and Health Care and the regional prison of Southern Finland.

The project rehabilitates prisoners from Helsinki who have committed themselves to substance and crime-free life and who have participated in substance abuse rehabilitation at prison.

The prisoners accepted into the programme will be placed in the Suomenlinna open prison, where they will start their work in rehabilitating prisoner work.

The prisoners take part in substance abuse rehabilitation during their work hours. After being released from the prison, the work activities and social services will be continued with the same parties. The supported housing services by the social services for the homeless ensure that the participants will be offered reasonable accommodation after leaving the prison.

The services are free of charge for the customers.

Enquiries tel. 09 3104 6040.


Prisoners committed to a substance and crime-free life if they have participated in substance abuse rehabilitation while in prison.

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