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Support person actions for the intellectually disabled

The service is intended for an intellectually disabled person, who requires support for creating and maintaining social relations. It can also be granted, in order to support independence and development.

The aim is to increase the customer's chances to participate in hobbies and recreational activities, for example. The support person can assist the customer with shopping, various services and hobbies or just talk with the customer and take him or her outdoors.

The customer must personally find a support person. The Department of Social Services and Health Care will pay a small compensation and the cost compensations.

The service is applied for from the social worker of the disabled person at the social work unit of the customer's own residential area. A written application is not required.

The services are free for the customers.


A social worker assesses the service needs with the customer and the customer's network. The customer will provide the basic information of the state of his or her health, everyday skills and social skills.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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