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Referring the elderly and people under 65 years of age with several illnesses to 24-hour care

The customer's need for 24-hour care is assessed by the home care team (treating doctor, personal nurse, social worker and others taking part in the care).

Before assessing the need for a place in a care unit, the representatives from the customer's care team ensure together that all possible measures to support living at home have been carried out. In addition, it must be ensured that all the acute illnesses of the customer have been treated and that diagnoses and treatment for long-term illnesses are correct and that the customer's state of health is stable.

If the care team decides to refer the customer to 24-hour care, they must make a presentation of the matter to their SAS work team (SAS = investigation, assessment, placement). One SAS team includes the assessment manager and an assistant chief physician.

The care team will compile a written proposition for the SAS team on 24-hour care.

The IAP team will assess the necessary level of care and also decide whether they think that the customer has the possibility to continue living at home or at their current care unit with enhanced support measures. The SAS team also has the possibility to refer the customer to further rehabilitation, before making the final decision on the care level. If the SAS team's decision on the care level supports organising a long-term care position, the social worker of the SAP group (investigation, assessment, service guidance) will inform the customer about being in a waiting line for a position, listen to the customer,s expectations for the care unit and explain that the municipality has the final say in how and where the necessary treatment and care is organised.


After being accepted in the waiting line, the urgency for the need of a care position is assessed in the unit of SAS relocations, and the opening positions are given out to the customers, based on their urgency. When the customer is placed into a care unit, he or she will receive a placement decision. A decision concerning the period of waiting will also be made for the customer. A temporary waiting place must be accepted, if it is offered. The personal nurse, social worker and doctor in charge of the customer's care will be happy to provide further information on the matter and are responsible for the customer's treatment, until the customer has been placed.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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Finnish, Swedish

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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