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Institutional care of the intellectually disabled

The services are intended for people with intellectual disabilities, who need comprehensive care and support for 24 hours a day.

The objective of the service is to ensure sufficient care and a meaningful, active life that covers all the aspects of life.

Institutional care includes basic care, health care, day activities, rehabilitation and recreational services, and teaching the necessary everyday skills, while taking into account each customer's individual abilities and needs. 1 to 3 customers will live in the same room.
The service is applied for from the social worker of Developmental Disabilities Services at the social work unit of the customer's own residential area.

The service is provided by Killinmäki and Visiitti or private service providers, such as Rinnekoti.

Customers are charged, based on their paying abilities.The caregiver in charge of the customer's care and the workers in charge of rehabilitation will compile, together with the customer, a care and rehabilitation plan that guides the operation. It is reviewed at least once every three years.


The customer and his or her close community will assess the service needs and the suitability of the services, in cooperation with the social worker and the people in charge of the rehabilitation. The condition for receiving the service is a customership with the special care of disabled people.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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