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Short-term care for the intellectually disabled

Short-term care is organised for children, young people, and adults with developmental disabilities to support their ability to live at home. The objective of the service is to support the well-being of the loved ones and give the clients a possibility to train living outside the home.
The service can be arranged also if the client of a sudden reason can't live at home.

The services are provided by the city's own units the Group home of Isonniitynkatu, the Hyvönen group home, the Solina group home, the Pihlajisto group home and the institutions of Sofianlehto and Killinmäki. The service can be granted with a service voucher or as purchased service if there is no room at the city's own units or they are not suitable.

Short-term care is subject to a fee. The objectives of the short-term care period will be defined in cooperation with the customer and his or her close community.


The service is applied for from the social worker of Developmental Disabilities Services at the social work unit of the customer's own residential area.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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