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Comprehensive education from 1st to 6th grade

Each child has been reserved a place in their own local school corresponding to the home address. The local school can be checked from the Service map of the City of Helsinki, or from the information desk of the Education division. The pupil may have the right to get into another school instead of her or his local school, for example in case of health related or other special reason, such as language studies or language immersion.

The 1st and 2nd grade of comprehensive school teaches pupils the basics of school: doing homework, taking care of school supplies and working both independently and in groups. In the first two years pupils acquire basic skills and knowledge, including reading, writing, mathematics, facts about the environment and nature, manual skills and physical activity. Foreign-language studies begin in the 3rd grade. Grades 1-6 teach pupils one or two languages in addition to their first language.

Average weekly lesson vary

Grades 1-2: 19 weekly hours
Grades 3-4: 23 weekly hours
Grades 5-6: 24 weekly hours

All the subjects of the comprehensive school, as well as the school hours, are told in the curriculum of each school. The curriculum can be found on the schools web page.

The City of Helsinki has both Finnish and Swedish speaking schools

All the children are invited to enroll into comprehensive school at the beginning of the year when they turn seven.

Open Mon-Fri.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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