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Speech therapy for children

Children and young people between the ages of 0 and 16 are examined and rehabilitated in children's speech therapy, if they have or are suspected of having problems in language and/or speech development.

For an examination by a speech therapist, you need a referral from a nurse or a doctor at a children's clinic or school health care unit in Helsinki.

Cause for referral may be:
- a phoneme problem (usually at pre-school age)
- unclear speech
- delay in speech and language development
- trouble understanding speech
- suspicion of abnormal language development
- voice problems or problems with using voice
- stutter symptoms
- learning disabilities, where problems of language development are a suspected cause

There may be several examination appointments. Required rehabilitation is assessed after the examination. The rehabilitation can be carried out through home instructions and follow-up/control appointments or as more intensive periodic speech therapy. The service works closely together with the child's guardian/guardians. When necessary and with the guardian's permission, other adults from the child's community may also be included in the cooperation, such as day care personnel.

If the need for further examinations is discovered during the appointments, the speech therapist may in cooperation with the personal doctor refer the child to for example a phoniatric, paediatric neurological or pediatric psychological assessment.

The speech therapy appointments are free of charge for the customer.


Children's speech therapy is intended for children and young people between the ages of 0 to 16, who have problems in language and/or speech development. A referral from a health care unit in Helsinki is required for speech therapy.

The service is only for those who use the health care services of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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