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Service centre activities

Service Centres are open meeting places supporting living at home, promoting well-being and easing experiences of loneliness.

At Service Centres you can access the service management and advice service provided by a social care worker, as well as partake in peer support group activities, hobby activities, and a range of different events, excursions and volunteer activities.

At Service Centres you can meet new people and find new things to do in your everyday life.

There are a number of Service Centres all around Helsinki. You can partake in any Service Centre's activities, regardless of the area you live in. Come and find out more!

Activities and services are free of charge unless otherwise stated.

For further information please contact the service centres.


The service is for retired and unemployed citizens of Helsinki. A customer participating in the operations has to show a valid Service Centre Card.
The restaurants and cafeterias are open for everyone.

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