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Memory Cafés and Peer Support Groups at Service Centres

Service Centres host a range of different peer support groups and memory cafés for customers who have memory disorders and who are living at home, as well as for their friends and family. At the groups and café events participants can meet others in similar life situations.

Peer support groups:
- You can participate in these activities if you have a recently-diagnosed memory disorder, or you are concerned about your memory.
- The groups can provide you with meaningful activities for your everyday life, support you with life management, and equip you with information and guidance on maintaining your memory and functional capacity, and keeping your memory active.
- You can come along to group activities by yourself or with your partner.

Memory cafés:
- You can participate in these activities if you have a recently-diagnosed memory disorder, are concerned about your memory or that of someone close to you, or you would like help with keeping your memory active.
- At memory cafés, you can enjoy a coffee whilst accessing information about brain health, memory activities, and memory disorders.

Participation in peer support group and memory café activities is free of charge.

This service is available through Itäkeskus, Kamppi, Kinapori, Kontula, Koskela, Kustaankartano, Munkkiniemi, Myllypuro, Pohjois-Haaga, Riistavuori, Roihuvuori, Rudolf, Syystie and Töölö Service Centres / Service Centre Activities.


This service is intended for Helsinki residents who are retired or unemployed.
Those participating in the activities must have a valid Service Centre Card.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Russian

Related service points and contact information:


Social Services and Health Care Division

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