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Sauna services at Service Centres

You can use the Service Centres' sauna services if you do not have bathing facilities at home, or those available are insufficient.

Sauna hours are public, with separate men's and women's hours. You cannot reserve a personal sauna time.

Some Service Centres offering sauna hours also offer the opportunity to partake in water aerobics or swim.

You can book in for sauna hours in advance via the Service Centre's information service.

A fee of €3.45/visit is charged for this service.

This service is available through Kinapori, Munkkiniemi, Pohjois-Haaga, Riistavuori, Rudolf and Töölö Service Centres / Service Centre Activities.


This service is intended for Helsinki residents who are retired or unemployed.
Those participating in the activities must have a valid Service Centre Card.

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