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Housing services for mental health customers, provided by Housing support

The housing services for mental health customers are sublease housing, assisted housing, sheltered housing, intensive sheltered housing and family care.

Niemikotisäätiö arranges sublease housing. Assisted housing is arranged in the Myllypuro rehabilitation homes of Housing support and in the Oulunkylä, Strömsinlahdenpolku and Etu-Töölö residental homes. The Housing support Eltsu rehabilitation home organises intensive sheltered housing.

Assisted housing, sheltered housing and intensive sheltered housing services are purchased from the housing units of different foundations and private service producers, which are selected based on a bidding process.

Family care is the city's own service.


Becoming a client of the services always requires an SAS decision. The applications are sent to Assessment Manager at Support for the Homeless. After the decision the placement coordinators will contact the clients and direct them to the housing services.

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