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Rehabilitative residential accommodation of housing support

Services arranged for the homeless are rehabilitative residential accommodation, assisted housing and sheltered housing (in Aurora House).

Rehabilitative residential accommodation can take place in an independent small apartment, supported shared apartment or supported home. Assisted housing can take place in either an organisation's small apartment or in a housing unit intended for the homeless with 24/7 support. Assisted housing and sheltered housing in Aurora House are also housing forms where support is available 24/7. The city mainly purchases the services of assisted and sheltered housing from different service providers. An exception to this is the Vanha Viertotie housing unit, which the Housing support services implement as their own services.

The Assessment and Placement workgroup is responsible for assessing the homeless person's need for support, enrolling the customers with the housing services in accordance with the Act on Social Care, and the decision-making work for the individual care of customers living in the Housing support housing units, supported homes and the Vanha Viertotie housing unit.


Receiving the services always requires an evaluation by a social worker and an SAS decision. The customers are dealt with by the social workers based on a division by their age and alphabetical order of name. The evaluation work on released prisoners has been allocated to three workers. Requirements for accessing the services are homelessness and need for support and care.

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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