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Maternity and child health clinic family coaching

Registration for the family coaching sessions held at maternity and child health clinics takes place at the mother's public health nurse appointments. Family coaching is an interactive and resource-based group activity; every family has expertise in their own lives. The family coaching groups'meet twice at the health station before the baby,s birth. After that the activity is continuing at the play parks.

At the clinic's first family coaching session halfway through the pregnancy (approx. week 25-28), topics discussed include memories of participants' own childhood, and envisioning the baby growing in the womb. Additionally, breastfeeding and other practical matters relating to caring for the baby are also covered. A family with a baby will come to visit the family coaching group. During the family's visit the group will go through matters relating to care for the baby and parenthood.

At the clinic's second family coaching session the theme is birth. The group will discuss the signs that labour is approaching, going to the hospital, relaxing, exercise, pain relief, the different stages of birth, meeting the baby for the first time, skin contact and the first attempt at breastfeeding, and care. During the coaching session the group will also discuss caesarean sections and other abnormal births. The post-partum period and related matters will also be discussed. The mother's physical recovery, mood swings, feeling down, and depression, as well as participation of the father or partner and support from friends and relatives, are topics that are dealt with in the group. Material dealing with relationships has been compiled on these pages, with the intention that couples familiarise themselves with the information independently.

Familiarisation with the maternity hospital has been replaced with the videos on the following site:


The service is for baby families living in Helsinki.

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Finnish, Swedish

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