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School health care

School health care consists of student health care services, health information and counselling, referrals to special health examinations and supervision of school health conditions.
- Student health care services
- Health information and counselling
- Referrals to statutory and required special health examinations
- Supervision of school health conditions
First aid in case of accidents at school is provided in cooperation with other school personnel, but medical care is not part of school health care.
Provision of the statutory school dental care as part of school health care is organized by the oral health care section of the Department of Social Services and Health Care.
School health care providers are in a good position to affect the health habits of children and young people and to support families, as the services reach nearly all age groups of children and young people. School health care promotes the health and wellbeing of the entire school and educational community. School health care providers act in student care in a multidisciplinary manner, with the focus on families and acting on the principle of early intervention. School health care continues the good cooperation with families begun by family clinics.


Students at schools

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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