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Health examinations in school health care, 7th grade

Students starting the upper grades of comprehensive school attend health examinations together with their parents or guardians. The examinations can be conducted in summer before school starts. The students and parents fulfil a health questionnaire before the examinations (Tekoul-35). The students' and families' wellbeing and living conditions are surveyed with the parents, and the students' moods, adjustment to school and to everyday life and social contacts are surveyed. The students' and families' strengths and resources are observed.

Nurses examine the students' physical wellbeing. They measure the students' height and weight, assess growth and conduct an interview assessing possible physical or developmental problems; as necessary nurses consult doctors. Nurses check the posture of boys and those girls whose menstrual cycles have begun less than a year earlier. They record data on the advancement of puberty including the possible onset of menstrual cycles. Depending on the situation, they discuss questions related to sexual health one on one with students. Nurses obtain possible medical records of earlier illnesses from the students or their parents, to know needs for follow-up or further treatments. By means of health information, nurses promote the students' health by discussing the health habits of the students and families. The health examinations are conducted by utilizing the information of the students' health and wellbeing plans and matters emerged in health checks conducted by school public health nurses or in student care.



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Finnish, Swedish

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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