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Health examinations in school health care, 8th grade

The extensive health examinations comprise health checks conducted by school public health nurses or school doctors. The students' parents or guardians participate in the health checks conducted by doctors. (National Institute of Health and Welfare THL Preliminary information form fulfilled by parents of students in upper grades, students' own THL form, teacher's assessment).
Health examinations conducted by nurses comprise assessments of student health, growth and wellbeing and follow-up of earlier assessments. Nurses assess student wellbeing by discussing the students' moods, adjustment to studies and to everyday life, and social contacts. They examine the students' growth and development. By means of health information, nurses promote the students' health and strengthen and support the students' and their families' resources. Nurses fulfil their part of the youth health reports given to students in connection of the health examinations conducted by doctors.

The students' guardians participate in the health examinations conducted by doctors, but the students also have the opportunity to meet with doctors without their parents. The examinations are based on information obtained from the preceding examinations conducted by nurses. Doctors conduct clinical examinations. It is essential at this stage to note the students' puberty status. As necessary, doctors discuss with students matters related to sexual health, for example, possible menstrual problems, concerns about body image, sexuality, sexual identity, negative experiences and risk behaviour. Doctors discuss the students' habits, hobbies, studies and future plans. It is important to ensure that possible chronical diseases are appropriately treated and that the students have enough information about the diseases and treatment. Doctors note down questions concerning students' career choices, as chronical diseases, learning difficulties, allergies and deviations in sight or hearing can rule out certain jobs. Doctors fulfil youth health reports.



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