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Domestic adoption counselling

The themes of domestic adoption counselling include the applicant's childhood, biological infertility and relationship, as well as parenting skills. Matters related to health and background are also thoroughly discussed. In addition, the applicants' readiness to support the adoptee's contact with their biological parents is explored (Adoption Act Chapter 8, sections 58-64).

Domestic adoption counselling lasts for approximately one year and at the end of the counselling period a social worker draws up a home report, which is attached to the applicants' adoption permission application. Adoption permission applications are processed by the Adoption Board. In the home report, the social worker must express his or her opinion on whether he or she supports the applicants' application to become adoptive parents. The adoption permission is valid for two years, after which the applicants may apply for an extension.

The City of Helsinki places approximately 1 to 5 domestic adopted children annually. The children are mostly babies. The length of the waiting period cannot be estimated and applicants must be prepared for a potentially long wait. Please notice that the age gap between the child and parent cannot be over 45 years.

When considering the placement of an adoptive child, the best interest of the child is always the primary concern, because of which the child may not be placed in the family that has waited the longest, but rather in the family that is most suitable for the child in question. Placement is affected by, for example, the child's health and/or ethnic background. According to the Adoption Act the child must primarily be placed into a family with two parents. The potential wishes of the biological parent also have an impact on the choice of adoptive family. The child's biological parent has an eight week period of reflection following the birth of the child, for the duration of which the child is placed in a temporary foster family. The prospective adoptive parents are notified of a child to be placed in their care only after the end of the period of reflection. The adoption is granted within a few months of placement. Adoption is granted based on a written petition filed with a District Court.

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