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Adoption counselling for birth parents

If you are considering giving your child up for adoption, you can come and discuss the matter with a social worker even during pregnancy. Alternatively, you may start adoption counselling after the birth of the child.

A biological parent always has a period of reflection of at least eight weeks, for the duration of which the child is placed in a temporary foster family. The biological parent may visit the temporary foster family to meet with and care for their child.

The adoption counselling includes discussions on the biological parent's thoughts regarding their upcoming parenthood, their plans for the future and the various services available to families with children.

The counselling explores different options and provides information on all matters related to adoption. If the identity of the child's father is known, his opinions on the adoption are also heard and he may acknowledge paternity if he so chooses. After paternity is determined, adoption also requires the father's consent. The adoptive family is chosen from among adoption applicants based on which applicant family is best suited to the needs of the child in question. The placement also aims to take the biological parent's wishes into consideration.

An agreement on if and how the biological parent and the child are to maintain contact may be prepared in connection with the granting of adoption or at a later date. The biological parent's potential wishes regarding how he or she wishes to maintain contact with the child (meetings, sending of photographs/letters) are also taken into consideration when choosing an adoptive family for the child.

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