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Follow-up and family work

The success of the placement of every child adopted from abroad is followed up. In the City of Helsinki Adoption Workgroup, these follow-ups are carried out by an instructor/social worker, a so-called family worker.

After the adoptee(s) arrive in Finland, the adoption counselling social worker and family worker visit the family's home together. The follow-up visits are home visits that the entire family participates in.

The follow-up reports are submitted to the adoption service provider, which handles the translation of the reports and sends them to the contact country. Each report is enclosed with photographs. The length of the follow-up period and the frequency of the reports are always decided in the contact country. The length of the follow-up period varies between different countries from half a year to 18 years.

In addition to follow-up, the post-adoption period involves so-called family work, the purpose of which is to support the adaptation of the child and the family to their new life situation. Family work support visits are scheduled based on the needs of the family. If necessary, follow-up and/or family work may be carried out as pair work.

The placement of the adoptee is also followed up in domestic adoption. The first follow-up visit takes place a few weeks after placement. The next visit takes place when the child is approximately a year old. After this a social worker visits the family as necessary.


The family club is part of the City of Helsinki Adoption Workgroup's family work.
The family workers of the City of Helsinki Adoption Workgroup organise a family club meant for adoption families living in Helsinki and Vantaa in cooperation with Play park Linja. The club convenes once a month and families can attend for the first two years following the placement of the child. The club's activities are designed so that children and parents attend the club together. The club's programme includes shared music moments and handicrafts, among other activities. Club attendees are also offered a snack during the meetings. New adoptive families are sent an invitation to participate in the club, with the first invitation sent approximately three months after adoption is granted.

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