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Finnish language training for customers of the Employment Services

The City of Helsinki organises free Finnish language training for Employment Services' customers. The training consists mainly of practical working-life Finnish.

The training is organised by Helsinki Upper Secondary School for Adults (Helsingin aikuislukio) and Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute (Stadin aikuisopisto). Training is also organised at workshops and workplaces. You can access training through a language skill assessment, guidance or briefing.

When you start your pay subsidies work (palkkatuki) or work trial (työkokeilu) at the City, you will get an invitation to a briefing. At the briefing, you will get more information about working for the City and you can register for training. If you are customer of the Youth Employment Service (nuorten työllisyyspalvelu) or the Adult Employment Service (aikuisten työllisyyspalvelu) and you are not taking part in a work trial or subsidies work, ask your own advisor or trainer for more information.

If you are doing a work trial or pay subsidies work for someone other than the City of Helsinki, and your employer is getting Helsinki benefit (Helsinki-lisä), you can also take part in the training offered by the City.

Contact information
Mari Reijonen
Planning Officer
Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute
Career and apprenticeship services
tel. +358 (0)9 310 76 470, +358 (0)40 125 2673

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Related service points and contact information:


Education Division, Helsinki

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