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Neighbourhood Circle at Service Centres

Neighbourhood Circles are local 'second living rooms' for the elderly, and are active within a certain residential area. Neighbourhood Circles meet throughout the city.

Neighbourhood Circles meet once a week, at locations such as a local library, community centre, or housing association club room.

At Neighbourhood Circles you can find things to do close to home. The meetings allow you to meet old friends and make new acquaintances amongst your neighbours. You can also invite guests of interest to the group members to Neighbourhood Circle meetings.

Neighbourhood Circles are led by volunteers, and cooperation partners include residents' associations, parishes and the City of Helsinki. At Neighbourhood Circle meetings coffee is provided, and is generally sponsored by convenience shops or other businesses in the area.

For further information please contact your local Neighbourhood Circle.

Would you like to lead a Neighbourhood Circle?

- Instructors are assigned to act as the initiator person responsible for the Neighbourhood circle.
- Practical tasks at Neighbourhood Circle meetings, such as preparing the coffee, are shared between the instructor and participants.
- Neighbourhood Circle instructors are Social Services and Health Care Division volunteers and are committed to the principles of volunteer work. They are not expected to be professionals and no special skills are required. You will be supported by a City employee, to whom you can always turn if need be.
- As a volunteer, you will not be paid for your services.
- Anyone who is interested in volunteer work can act as an instructor.

Groups are held at Kontula and Kustaankartano Service Centre and through Kannelmäki and Rudolf Service Centre Activities.


This service is intended for residents of the local area.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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