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Volunteer work excursion companion in services for the disabled

Activity centres organise excursions to different locations all around Helsinki. The volunteer takes part in these excursions to facilitate a pleasant excursion experience for customers. He or she assists customers by pushing a wheelchair or by possibly assisting customers in other ways. Excursions are organised among small customer groups, and they are always attended by an adequate number of activity centre counsellors.

The need for volunteer help for excursions is sporadic, but volunteer days can be arranged in good time in advance. The excursions are directed at different locations around Helsinki and are held on weekdays between 9: 30 and 11: 00 or 13: 00 and 15: 00.

Some customers need personal guidance when moving about in public spaces, and visiting sites is also a more pleasant experience when there are counsellors and volunteers present with whom the customer can talk about what they see and share their experiences.

The volunteer gets the chance to get to know different people and possibly visit locations that they have not visited before. A refreshing excursion experience that makes a difference.

The person responsible for the activities, who should be notified in case of accidents, is the director or contact person of voluntary operations.


Normal interaction skills.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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