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Morning activities

Morning activities give a good start to the child's school day. The free-form and partly guided activities can include play, games, outdoor recreation, rest and reading. Building friendships and learning interaction skills are in the core of the activities.

Schools organise morning activities according to their schedules and school-specific operating hours, from 8.00 am to 10.00 am. The activities are not organised during school holidays or on Saturday school days.

Breakfast is not included in the morning activities, but children can bring their own snacks.

Disabled or autistic pupils can participate in morning activities throughout their basic education.


For 1st and 2nd graders and special support pupils attending school in Helsinki (morning activities are organised for 3rd and 4th grade special support pupils).

Activities are not available during school holidays or on exceptional school days falling on Saturdays.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

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Education Division

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