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Social work provided by follow-up care organised by Child Welfare Services

Social work provided by follow-up care is in charge of social work offered to young people aged 16 or over who have been placed into care and whose placement period has ended.

Organising housing, daily activities (e.g. studies, work) and sufficient income are basic requirements for a young person when they are becoming independent. The loved ones of young people and their support network at home, school or health care services, for example, are welcome to join the cooperation. Follow-up care is voluntary: customers can accept the help they feel they need.

The purpose of follow-up care's social work is to support the customer and their network after their placement. Follow-up care is the last stage of the child welfare process, and it is designed to secure the positive changes made in the customer's life during institutional care or care in a professional family home and ease settling back home or becoming independent.

The organisation and content of the follow-up care are based on the written follow-up care plan drafted together with the child or young person. The follow-up care client plan determines the child or young person's need for support, as well as the services and support measures required to implement the support. Young adults are provided support in accordance with their individual situation and consent. The service is developed in cooperation with young customers.


Young people between the ages of 16 and 20 are clients of the social work offered as follow-up care. They are steered towards the services through a customer plan submitted by a child welfare social worker or based on their own initiative.

Young people placed in care are entitled to follow-up care for five years after they have last been customers of child welfare or until they turn 21. However, young people becoming independent are not left alone even after this. Instead, social workers refer them to other municipal services, if necessary.

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