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Crisis accommodation

If no other housing solution is available, an assessment is made to identify whether the client meets the criteria for receiving crisis accommodation.

This is a temporary form of accommodation, typically lasting for 1-3 months during which the service providers Luona Oy, Sinivida and Katto-Kodit search for a subleasing-phase flat together with the client. If no problems occur while living in this flat, the client can receive a permanent rental flat acquired by the service provider. The City of Helsinki also provides its own crisis housing services: Flats for families are located on Loviisankatu, and those intended for single residents and couples are located on Junailijankuja.

The service is applied for via the adult social work service units.

Living in a crisis flat is a form of independent living. No accessible flats are available.

Repayments on any rent arrears must be made while living in crisis accommodation.

The service is free for the client when provided by a service producer, and based on a lease when provided by the City, in which case the client must pay rent for their accommodation.


The clients of crisis accommodation are also clients of adult social work.

Crisis accommodation is a last-resort housing solution available for those affected by acute homelessness causing serious problems.

The City of Helsinki's crisis accommodation does not offer housing for people suffering from acute substance abuse problems or mental health issues.

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Finnish, Swedish, English

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