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Supervised and supported meetings

A child and a parent living separately can meet each other at meeting places selected by the City of Helsinki based on a tendering process. The meeting places can be used to hold supervised and supported meetings, as well as supervised exchanges for children living in Helsinki, if the support and supervision is necessary for a grounded reason in the child's interest.

Supervised and supported meetings, as well as supervised exchanges, are organised based on an agreement verified by a Child Supervisor or a court order, and they are free of charge for clients.

In order to organise meetings, the child's parents must first submit the decision or any agreement validated outside of Helsinki concerning the meetings to Family Law Services. After this, Family Law Unit will make a decision concerning the procurement of the service, which will then be sent to both parents. The decision will include the contact information of the meeting place. The parents can first book an introductory appointment and then schedule meetings by contacting the meeting place directly.

You can get further information on how to start using the service by calling 09 310 28889 or sending an encrypted e-mail to The encrypted e-mail can be sent at

Those already using the service can call us on Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-13. The numbers are allocated to customers based on the first letter of the child's surname as follows:

A-K tel. 09 3104 3302
L-Ö tel. 09 3104 3437

You can send the court decision or a contract confirmed by another body than the Helsinki Child Supervisors to the family law unit by encrypted e-mail, The encrypted e-mail can be sent at

The documents can also be sent by mail to:

Perheoikeudelliset asiat/Tapaamispaikkapalvelu
PO BOX 8620
00099 City of Helsinki

Please add also your phone number and e-mail. If possible, also attach the contact details of the other parent.


Children and parents living separately in Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

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