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Gerontological social work, i.e. social work and social guidance for the elderly, is about change with the objective of improving the conditions, functional abilities, and reliability of communities that promote well-being among the elderly.
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Substance abuse rehabilitation clinics provide support for the loved ones of people suffering from substance dependencies.
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Informal care refers to the treatment and care of an elderly, disabled or ill person, in his or her home with the help of a family member or a loved one of the person in question.
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In addition to statutory vacations, informal carers are offered support through various different forms of service.
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If you find going alone to a hobby or sports group difficult, ask at your local Service Centre to find out what kinds of supported groups are available at the centres.
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As a volunteer you have the opportunity to meet new people, gain new experiences and spend your time on a meaningful activity, as well as benefiting others.
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Voluntary work is a preventative activity that completes the services, instead of replacing them.
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During slippery seasons you will be warned with a SMS.
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With the help of the electronic wellbeing and health check-up, an informal carer can receive focused information on wellbeing and health. After the check-ups, the carer can take part in electronic coaching programmes.
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