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Making an appeal and municipal complaint – the tools for residents and parties concerned

Anyone dissatisfied with a decision by a municipal board, municipal committee, division of a board or committee, or an authority representing any of said bodies can appeal the decision in writing. The appeal should be addressed directly to the body responsible for the decision.   

A decision by a city council is appealed to an administrative court with a municipal complaint. 

An appeal and a municipal complaint can be made by a party concerned, that is, by a party affected by the decision or a party whose rights, responsibilities or interests are directly affected by the decision, and by a resident of the municipality.

More information about appealing a decision and making a municipal complaint can be found in Chapter 11 of the Local Government Act.

An administrative complaint can be made by anyone

An administrative complaint refers to a report filed with a senior authority or an authority such as the Chancellor of Justice of the Government or Parliamentary Ombusman stating that there has been a flawed act in the office.

An administrative complaint can be made by any citizen. The format of the complaint is open, and there is no deadline for making the complaint.

To learn more about the administrative courts, click here

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