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Committees and boards

Decision-making chart: Comittees and Boards

The agendas and decisions of committee meetings are available to the public. The meetings, however, are closed to the general public. Finnish is the main working language, so many documents from the boards and committees are in Finnish only. As Finnish and Swedish are the official languages of Finland, legislation and decisions are only legally binding in these two languages. 

Audit Committee

Central administration


Urban environment committee

  • Environment and permits sub-committee
  • Buildings and public works sub-committee


Culture and leisure committee

  • Culture sub-committee
  • Sports sub-committee
  • Youthsub-committee

Education committee

  • Finnish sub-committee
  • Swedish sub-committee

Social services and health care committee

  • Sub-committee

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Tasks of Committees and Boards

Committees and boards are political bodies elected by the City Council for four years at a time.