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Tasks of Committees and Boards

Committees and boards are political bodies elected by the City Council for four years at a time. They steer and develop their respective City departments or municipal corporations. The responsibilities of committees and boards are defined in their rules of procedure.

The City Council can delegate a committee’s responsibilities to divisions: for example, the Social Services Committee has a Family Division, Divisions for First and Second Adult Services Appeals, Senior Citizens’ Appeals Division, and a Swedish-Language Division. The Education Committee has both Finnish-language and Swedish-language Divisions.

The members and alternate members of committees and boards are elected by the City Council. A committee member does not have to be a City Council member. Each committee or board member has an alternate, who represents the member in case he or she is unable to attend a meeting. Each committee also includes a representative of the City Board, who can participate in the discussion but not in decision-making. The numbers of committee and board members varies.


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