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Working groups and advisory boards

A working group is a body comprising a number of persons of trust appointed by the City Board to execute temporary tasks or long-term duties for no longer than the duration of the City Board’s term in office.

An advisory board is a body comprising a number of persons appointed by the City Board to investigate or prepare a certain matter or a cluster of matters, or to monitor a certain activity.

Below is a list of advisory boards and working groups in Helsinki:

  • City of Helsinki and University of Helsinki Collaboration Advisory Board
  • Personnel Fund Working Group
  • History Working Group
  • Helsinki City and University of Helsinki Advisory Board
  • Street, Place and Institutional Names Working Group
  • Non-Discrimination and Equality Comission
  • Council for People with Disabilities, members, disability policy programme
  • Elderly Citizens Council, members, information on activities
  • Youth Council
  • Digitalization Working Group
  • Helsinki Metropolitan Area Advisory Board
  • MAL Collaboration Advisory Board

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