The City of Helsinki's coronavirus website features a chronological list of municipal news items associated with the outbreak, helplines offering assistance, and other useful instructions and information.

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The City has a Mayor and four Deputy Mayors elected for the duration of the Council term.

City Strategy: The most functional city in the world

The City Strategy sets the outlines for city decision making in the years 2017–2021.

City Hall Lobby

Join us to develop the Helsinki of the future! If you are interested in the city and its future, the entrance lobby of the City Hall is the place for you.

Neighbourhood services on community pages

Helsinki districts’ webpages contain neighbourhood news, local service listings, street work information, recycling station locations and much else.

Take up business in Helsinki

NewCo Helsinki will be serving new and start-up enterprises by offering governmental, municipal and private sector services on one location.

Helsinki New Horizons

Helsinki is expanding faster than ever before with entire new districts developed with housing, offices, commercial space, day care centres, schools, parks and outdoor recreational areas.