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The Merit Project

Digitalizing marine industry event at SLUSH Helsinki!

Digitalization is revolutionizing maritime industry. If you thought, you’ve seen everything in maritime industry, you have to be here.

Digitalizing marine industry 1st December at 12-14.45 at Messukeskus, Messuaukio 1, Helsinki programme.

Niels Bruus: Fleet Optimisation and Digitisation in Maersk Line
Karno Tenovuo: Autonomous Vessels
Tom Pippingsköld: Automated business processes in Finnlines
Margus Schults: Megastar - Innovation on Baltic sea
Mikki Koskinen: Arctic Data Challenges –avoiding the icebergs
Mikko Tepponen: Digitalizing the marine industry here and now
Laakkonen: Smarter Logistics

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Concentration of intelligent marine industry to Helsinki

City of Helsinki with its Merit – maritime ICT combines maritime industry and ICT services, IoT and software engineering as well as startups. The programme offers for shipping companies, ship yards and ports new tools for navigation, ICT and IoT. Working at ice breakers’ and  cargo vessels’ bridge and engine rooms will change fundamentally.

Watch the presentation video.

FinEstSmartMobility develops intelligent solutions for ports, read more.

The metropolitan area is a junction for national and international logistics in Finland. Finland’s most important port for general cargo and an air cargo station are located in the area. The goods traffic, which runs through the Vuosaari Harbour, is worth almost a third of the total value of the foreign trade of Finland and by volume almost a fourth of all general cargo shipped by sea.

One of the most important Finnish sea cluster concentrations is also located in Helsinki and its vicinity. The most important research institutes, such as the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT, the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and the Finnish Meteorological Institute as well as the Aalto University are all located in the area. The area is also home to engineering agencies such as Aker Arctic, Deltamarin, Elomatic,Eniram, Foreship and Napa as well as industrial companies ABB Marine, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and Wärtsilä.

Turning marine technology into an international brand

The goal is to help the Finnish marine IT know-how finds its markets and, one day, become an international brand like the mobile or gaming industry. Examples are data utilisation, measurement and monitoring technologies and steering and risk management in sea traffic. A concrete goal is also to bring an intelligent port process to the Estonian traffic at the West Harbour in Helsinki.

The Merit network supports companies in combining their functions and know-how and in finding clients. The project creates opportunities for the Finnish marine industry to fortify its new growth track and support the structural change in the ICT sector.

City supports initiation of the Merit cluster

The project is a substantial move by the City of Helsinki and an effort to support both nationwide and local marine business activities. The project is financed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The goal for the City of Helsinki is, in accordance with the guidelines of the industrial policy, to support the construction of this cluster and then transfer it comprehensively to the companies. The project is led from the City of Helsinki Economic Development division and the leader in charge of the project is Ulla Tapaninen.

In Finland, there are already a number of success stories in marine IT, e.g. Eniram in the field of ship energy efficiency, but the companies are still working alone and a cluster phenomenon has not materialised. “When we succeed in that, then 1+1 can be more than the sum of its parts”, says Ulla Tapaninen.

Companies currently participating in the Merit projects steering group:
Aker Arctic, Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, Containerships, Helsinki Harbour,  Eniram, ESL-Shipping, Finnpilot Pilotage, Ixonos, NAPA.

Other companies: Aalto University, The Finnish Maritime Society, Finnish Marine Industries, Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. 

Project schedule 1 November, 2014 – 31 December, 2016.
Further information on the Merit Project: Ulla Tapaninen, tel. +358 9 310 37350, ulla.tapaninen(at)

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