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Quality of life

Swimmers at Tervasaari. Photo: Jussi Hellsten, My Helsinki materialbank.

Year 2020

Helsinki happiest city in the world

The SDSN network within the UN has published its annual World Happiness Report. Finland ranked first for the third year in a row. This comparison was now made for the first time between cities as well. Matching the comparison between countries, Helsinki ranked first among cities.

World Happiness Report 2020

Public transport in the Helsinki Region second in BEST comparison

Of all inhabitants within the HSL public transport region of Helsinki, 76 per cent were satisfied with the public transport services in 2019, according to the international BEST survey. This was one percentage point better than in 2018, and it gave Helsinki second position in this comparison between European city regions. For the fifth year in a row, Geneva ranked first, with 79 per cent satisfied residents.

According to the 2019 BEST Survey, satisfaction with public transport in the HSL area remained high

Helsinki in the top segment in European health comparison

In a recent healthiness comparison between European capitals made by UK online pharmacy service, Helsinki ranked fourth. The criteria included factors like life expectancy, CO2 emissions, and the quality of green areas. Helsinki’s strengths appeared to be, especially, water quality (best points in the comparison), air quality (Helsinki second) and overall quality of life (Helsinki fifth). Problems for Helsinki residents in terms of healthiness included the high price of fruits and vegetables, and the relatively small proportion of travel to work on foot or by bicycle.
This comparison included 20 cities, and the top trio turned out to be Copenhagen, Vienna and Bern. Its main source of information was the Numbeo database.

Europe's Healthiest Capital City

Helsinki is the best city for families

Helsinki has been named the No1 city in the world for families in 2020, according to a new study.

Helsinki was handed the accolade after researchers analysed 150 cities and 16 factors including paid parental leave, high-quality education, healthcare, employment rates and general affordability. And parents living in each location were polled on what they think about where they live.

Quebec in Canada comes second in the ranking and Oslo third. The study was made by relocation firm Movinga.

Cities of Opportunity: Best Cities for Families 2020

Year 2019

Helsinki best place for work-life balance

Helsinki came first in a report, which evaluated 40 cities in terms of how the city manages to support its residents with work-life balance and thus further their quality of life. Helsinki was joined by Munich and Oslo in the top three in international tech company Kisi’s index. The index is comprised of different factors affecting the quality of life, such as time used for work and business trips, the work burden and the amount of family leave and days off.

Cities for the Best Work-Life Balance 2019

Helsinki comes eighth in the IMD Smart City Index

Helsinki ranked eighth in the IMD Smart City Index among 102 cities that were reviewed. This year, the ranking was done for the first time. It was carried out by the IMD World Competitiveness Center’s Smart City Observatory and by Singapore University of Technology and Design.

IMD Smart City Index 2019

Monocle: Helsinki is the sixth best place to live in the world

British lifestyle magazine Monocle has again ranked the cities of the world in its Quality of Life Survey. This year, Helsinki was ranked sixth.

Monocle describes Helsinki’s public transport as one of the best in the world and the Helsinki Airport as exemplary in terms of functionality. Monocle also highlights, among other things, the City’s investments in reasonably priced living and prevention of social exclusion, the livelier restaurant life and the openings of the Hotel St. George, Central Libarary Oodi and the Amos Rex Art Museum.

Monocle (The article has not been published in the e-version of the magazine.)

Helsinki ranked third in sustainable development implementation

Among 45 European cities, Helsinki was ranked third in a comparison that assessed how well cities implement the UN sustainable development goals. Helsinki stood out particularly with respect to water supply, sustainable water consumption and sanitation as well as its sustainable infrastructure, industry and innovations. Oslo came in winner, while Stockholm was second. The report was prepared by Telos, the Brabant Centre for Sustainable Development.

2019 SDG Index European Cities

Helsinki in the top ten for governance and social cohesion in the Cities in Motion Index

In IESE Business School’s international Cities in Motion Index (CIMI) for smart cities, Helsinki was ranked 22nd in the total city index. The ranking was the same as last year. This time, the ranking included 174 cities.

Helsinki improved its ranking considerably when it comes to international outreach and mobility and transport. The ranking in the human capital category improved a bit as well. The rankings in governance, social cohesion, urban planning and technology dropped.

IESE Cities in Motion Index 2019

The HSL area ranked second in the public transport BEST survey

HSL area was ranked second in the 2018 international BEST survey (Benchmarking in European Service of Public Transport).

Passenger satisfaction with public transport remained high, with 75 per cent of HSL area residents being satisfied with public transport. Geneva came out on top for the fourth year running, with 83 per cent of residents being satisfied.

The HSL area ranked second in the 2018 BEST survey

Helsinki second in personal safety in Mercer’s Quality of Living survey

This year Mercer’s Quality of Living survey had a separate ranking on personal safety, which analyses cities’ internal stability, crime levels, law enforcement, limitations on personal freedom, relationships with other countries and freedom of the press.

Helsinki was ranked the second safest city in the world. In total ranking, Helsinki was ranked in place 31.

Mercer’s annual Quality of Living survey

Helsinki the third best City in the world for startup companies, a company that helps startups with networking, sees Helsinki as the third best City for startups. Praise was given, among other things, to the groundbreaking companies Supercell and Rovio, the financial and networking support offered to startups and the smart solutions that benefit the business world. Helsinki was behind Berlin and Tel Aviv in the ranking.

The Best 50 Cities for a Startup in the World

Helsinki ranks among top cities worldwide in growing and attracting talents

Helsinki ranks seventh among cities worldwide in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), which assesses the ability of cities to grow talents and to attract them to their regions as well as to retain talents.

According to the index report, Helsinki’s strengths include the number of international organizations located in the city, access to the internet in households and the percentage of residents with university education.

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2019

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