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Adult services

Employment services for Helsinki residents aged over 30 are targeted in particular at people who have been receiving labour market subsidy due to unemployment for at least 300 days. (The unemployment benefit turns into labour market subsidy after the earnings-related allowance from an unemployment fund or Kela’s basic unemployment allowance.)

The multidisciplinary joint service Helsinki TYP is responsible for adults’ employment, and its services can be accessed via the TE Office, social services or Kela. The Workcheck Helsinki project offers the City’s employment services for independent job seekers online via a website. In addition, the City employs those entitled to obligation employment, i.e. unemployed job seekers aged over 57.

Customers of the City’s employment services can familiarise themselves with the work try-out and pay subsidy positions of the City of Helsinki, through which it is possible to move on to the open jobs market. The City’s education services are available, as well as the financial and debt counselling services. Customers also have the opportunity to participate in coaching organised by private companies. When looking for work on the open jobs market, you can utilise the Helsinki benefit.

06.12.2019 14:43

Work try-outs and pay subsidy work

The divisions and public enterprises of the City of Helsinki offer temporary pay subsidy and work try-out positions for unemployed job seekers.

Employment courses

The customers of the City of Helsinki’s employment management service can participate to different education services for the free of charge.

Career coaching

Customers of the City’s employment services have the opportunity to receive free guidance and coaching to help direct them towards working life.