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Employment courses

The career services of the Education Division are responsible for the free of charge education services for job seekers living in Helsinki.

The customers of the City of Helsinki’s employment management service can participate in training to attain various different qualifications, such as the hygiene passport, alcohol passport, first aid training, security steward license training, occupational safety training and hot work training. In addition, the training selection includes IT training and various changing trainings. Customers can also receive reimbursement for most of the expenses of individual training or training leading to an official qualification.

Immigrant customers can participate free of charge in Finnish training with an emphasis in learning language skills needed in working life.

The competence and learning of those participating in work try-outs, pay subsidy work and rehabilitative work activities can be expressed with recognition of skills and a skills certificate. In some cases, it is possible to complete a part of a degree at a workplace through recognition of skills.

More information: The career services of the Education Division,

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