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Helsinki TYP, adult services

Helsinki TYP is a multidisciplinary joint service for the promotion of employment, formed by the City of Helsinki, Uusimaa TE Office and Kela, which gives the customer tailored, individual solutions towards working life.

Together with the customer, the TYP workers assess the customer’s service needs and support the customer’s employment process. The customer is offered employment, health care and social work services, as well as help with applying for education or rehabilitation. In addition, the service offers many kinds of advice and guidance, such as financial and debt counselling, as well as various networking events.

Helsinki TYP closely cooperates with various educational institutions and employers and is part of several projects advancing their customers’ employment and creating the employment management of the future.

The customers of Helsinki TYP are served on Viipurinkatu in Alppila.

Who is the service intended for?

Helsinki TYP serves job seekers aged over 30, living in Helsinki, whose unemployment has been prolonged and who would benefit from the multidisciplinary joint service.

Helsinki TYP’s operations are regulated by a separate law. According to the law (1369/2014), the TE Office, municipality and Kela assess the need for TYP services when the unemployed person:

• has been receiving labour market subsidy for at least 300 days due to unemployment
• is 25 or older and has been unemployed for an uninterrupted period of at least 12 months
• needs the multidisciplinary joint service.

How can someone become a customer?

Helsinki TYP services are available with a referral from the TE Office, local social services or Kela when the unemployment is prolonged and multidisciplinary joint service is assessed as being of use.

Benefits of multidisciplinary service

The customers of Helsinki TYP receive the help they need with employment from TE Office experts, psychologists, career and study counsellors, social workers, occupational health nurses and Kela’s TYP work capacity advisers. At first, a personal employment plan is drawn up with the customer, the realisation of which will be monitored. The plan will take into account the customer’s strengths, interests and current life situation.

The service is individual and comprehensive. The customer is supported by their own worker and a team of specialists from different fields.

• The customer receives help from TE Office experts and psychologists with career guidance, job seeking and employment through means such as work coaching, work try-outs and pay subsidy work.

• Career counsellors and social workers assess the customer’s life situation and guide them to various services, such as low-threshold peer support activities, and assessment of work ability. When needed, rehabilitation for a return to working life will be organised: the customer can participate in rehabilitative work activities 1–4 days a week, depending on their life situation.

• With study counsellors, the customer has the opportunity to review their occupational development, identify their skills and apply for new education opportunities.

• Occupational health nurses evaluate the customer’s health and guide them to health care services.

• Kela’s TYP work capacity advisers provide information on medical and vocational rehabilitation and disability pension.

• The customer adviser helps with drawing up and updating documents related to job seeking and with the use of online services, such as job and apartment seeking and drawing up various applications and complaints.

• In addition, Helsinki TYP offers financial and debt counselling and guidance to other services.
The customership lasts for a maximum of two years, and during this time the customer is tailored an individual and comprehensive solution towards working life directly or indirectly through various employment services or education.

Contact information:
Helsinki TYP
Viipurinkatu 2, 6th floor
00510 Helsinki

Occupational health nurses receive customers at:
Mechelininkatu 46 A
00250 Helsinki

Leading supervisors of Helsinki TYP:

Director of Helsinki TYP and Service Manager Ulla Kangas,
Service Supervisor Elina Laine, elina.laine(at)
Service Supervisor Heidi Lehtovaara, heidi.lehtovaara(at)
Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor, Head Nurse Pia Valjakka,

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