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Työrasti Helsinki

A project for residents of Helsinki aged over 30, who are long-term job seekers

Työrasti Helsinki project offers the City's employment services electronically to independent customers. The services are aimed at Helsinki residents over 30, who have received Kela’s labour market subsidy due to unemployment for at least 300 days. With Työrasti Helsinki, the customer can strengthen their own skills and qualifications for employment through work experience and education.

A customer of Työrasti Helsinki receives their own login credentials for websites where they can browse the City of Helsinki’s pay subsidy and work try-out positions and sign up directly to various short courses and training events. They can also apply for financial support for education that advances employment and meet with a study counsellor, if they wish.

Further information about the service and on how to sign up can be found at

The Työrasti Helsinki project started in the spring of 2016 and will continue until the end of 2018. Over 500 customers used the online services of Työrasti Helsinki during 2017. Työrasti Helsinki is a project organised by the City and receives employment policy project support from the TE Office.

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