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Work try-outs and pay subsidy work

The divisions and public enterprises of the City of Helsinki offer temporary pay subsidy and work try-out positions for unemployed job seekers. Pay subsidy positions can be applied for by Helsinki residents who fall into the target groups of pay subsidised employment and also meet the criteria of the TE Office. Work try-out positions can also be applied for by residents of other municipalities. For more information on the pay subsidy and work try-out positions available and target group criteria, please contact the TE Office experts or the City’s pay subsidy work management by email: The customers of the City of Helsinki’s employment services can receive further information from their contact persons.

During the pay subsidy work and work try-outs, you have the opportunity to participate in training organised by the City. Various divisions of the City also have their own subsidised apprenticeship training programmes, the job advertisements for which can be found both on the City’s and the TE Office’s recruitment websites.

Pay subsidy work

The City’s pay subsidy positions are primarily reserved for long-term unemployed residents of Helsinki. The duration of the pay subsidy employment is eight months. The working time and salary meet the requirements of the collective agreement, standard working hours and the task-based salary. The aim of the City’s pay subsidy work is the employment of the employee on the open jobs market, either by the City or another employer. Those working in pay subsidy positions can refresh their skills, participate in training organised by the City, gain new insights on their career and improve their standing in the labour market.

Work try-outs

Work try-outs are intended for unemployed job seekers who do not have a degree after comprehensive school or upper secondary school, have been unemployed for a long time, are changing their occupation or need training in practical working life. The duration of the work try-out with the City can be 1–12 months, with a maximum of six months in a single role. During the work try-out, no salary is paid, but the trainee will receive unemployment benefit and reimbursement of expenses. The parties of a work try-out contract are the person participating in the work try-out, the workplace supervisor and the TE Office. The aim of work try-outs at the City is for the participants to establish their career choice or career options, assess the suitability of the work and support a return to the labour market.

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