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Support for employment with the Helsinki benefit

The City of Helsinki encourages employers operating in the Helsinki employment area to offer work opportunities to unemployed Helsinki residents. The purpose of the Helsinki benefit is to lower the recruitment threshold by supporting the employer with the costs arising from recruitment and orientation (recruitment subsidy) or the salary costs of the employee (employment subsidy). After the employment has lasted for at least six months after the Helsinki benefit period, the employer has the option to apply for a separate recruitment bonus. The Helsinki benefit can be granted until the end of the same calendar year.

With certain conditions, the Helsinki benefit can be granted alternatively as a recruitment or employment subsidy. An employer can receive the Helsinki benefit for a single employment for a maximum of 10 months. The required minimum duration is one month. Granting the Helsinki benefit and the form of the benefit are primarily affected by the duration of the employee’s unemployment, their age and any disabilities.

The Helsinki benefit requires a minimum of 30 hours of work per week and a salary in accordance with the collective agreement. The Helsinki benefit also has some preconditions that the employer should take into account when applying for the benefit.

The potential pay subsidy from the TE Office must primarily be applied for before the employment contract is signed, and consequently before the employer can apply for the Helsinki benefit.

06.12.2019 14:47