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SINETTI -archive information system

The SINETTI archive information system contains reference information on all materials contained in the City Archives, i.e., information on what kinds of materials are available for studying at the City Archives.

SINETTI corresponds to archive catalogues but provides more extensive search options. SINETTI also contains lots of digitised materials which can be studied directly in the web service.

Materials can be viewed in a tree view (under “Selaus”) or by using the search function. The archive information system also allows limiting the search results based on, for example, the time, administrative sector or subject.

In searches for drawings, the author of the map or the district can be used as search terms. The search may also be directed at only the digitised materials available. As all the digitised materials have undergone text recognition, the searches also search in the text of digitised documents. The search term “olympialaiset” (“Olympics”), for example, returns a municipal report of 1936, with speculation about whether Finland will get the Olympics of 1940.

The information system is divided into five hierarchical levels of description:

• creator of archives
• main series
• serial level
• archiving unit and
• document.

The creator of archives level gives a general presentation of the entire archives, such as what can be found in the archives of the City Planning Department. In addition, this level also contains a short history of the creator of archives plus background information. On the series level, the main series and the individual underlying series are presented, such as “Minutes of the Board” or “Registers of letters received”.

On the unit level, the description concerns the archiving unit, such as volume, carton or box. Each archiving unit has its own identification consisting of letters and numbers, such as “Dd:5, Annual report of 1936”.  On the lowest level, individual documents such as maps and drawings are described.

SINETTI is updated continuously in order to keep it in line with the increasing volume of materials. At the moment SINETTI can be used only in Finnish.

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Sinetti’s digitised materials

The SINETTI archive information system contains thousands of pages of City Archives materials of the City of Helsinki. The map and drawing volume especially is extensive, covering some 17,500 pieces.

Digitised materials

• Maps and drawings of the City of Helsinki
• Municipal reports
• Decision documents of the City Council
• Reports of the City Board
• Municipal regulations of the City of Helsinki
• Statistical Yearbooks of Helsinki
• “Helsingin kadunnimet” book series (street names in Helsinki)

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