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Potential uses and Helsinki’s applications

Kalasatama Digital Twins Pilot Project’s Final Report

The general objective of the KIRA-digi pilot project (15.5.2018 - 31.1.2019) was to produce digital twins of the Kalasatama area. The models serve as a platform for designing, testing, applying and servicing the entire lifecycle of the built environment, as well as smart city development. An accurate, up-to-date model of an existing city structure and the future plans will enable the development of processes, practices and services based on 3D technology. Digital twin models at their best realize this idea of planning, testing and building things digitally first.

Read the Final Report of Kalasatama Digital Twins Project

What has been done already? 

Helsinki 3D cityloader

The Helsinki 3D Cityloader makes it easy to 3D print Helsinki with incredible quality. Using it you can download ready-to-print 3D models of Helsinki just by cropping the desired area on a map.

Download the Helsinki 3D cityloader here


Minecraft-Helsinki3D+ is a Minecraft-city model featuring the entire City of Helsinki, including it's islands and even parts of the neighboring cities!

Download the Helsinki3D+-Minecraft world here

17.03.2022 16:06

Helsinki's city models as open data

Helsinki’s city models are available as open data from Helsinki Region Infoshare.


These videos showcase Helsinki’s 3D city models, as well as their benefits and possibilities for cities, among others actors.

View the city information model

The city information model allows you to view not only the city’s buildings and information on them, but also the city’s terrain model.

View the reality mesh model

The reality mesh model allows you to examine Helsinki as it was in summer 2015 and visit places that you might not think to go to otherwise.

Final report of the Kalasatama digital twins

The final report produced in the pilot project contains extensive information on the Kalasatama digital twins.