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Accessibility statement for the website

This accessibility statement indicates the ways in which the adheres to the law in the provision of digital services.

The statement applies to the City of Helsinki main website Separate accessibility statements have been prepared for services operating under separate domains and subdomains.

The party responsible for the online service is the City of Helsinki. The first pages were published in May 1995. An update of the site is currently under way and will be completed over the course of 2021–2022. The new service will be fully accessible.

The portal contains an approximate total of 200,000 pages. In the spring of 2020, the Accessibility Unit of the Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities assessed the accessibility of the main website based on a sample. The accessibility of the evaluated pages was found to be at a good level.

State of the service’s accessibility

Partially meets the critical A & AA requirements.

Objective of the City of Helsinki

The City’s objective is to achieve the AA level or higher, as defined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, regarding the City’s digital services.

Observed deficiencies

In some page views, the contrast between the upper section’s orange background and the white text is insufficient when the text has keyboard focus (WCAG 1.4.3). The contrasts will be corrected upon updating the service.

The site features images and graphics that do not have descriptive text equivalents (WCAG 1.1.1). Descriptive text equivalents will be added in conjunction with normal content production.

The site features PDF files that are not operable through a keyboard interface (WCAG 2.1.1). The correction of the PDF files will progress in conjunction with normal content production.

The pages feature text written in a variety of languages that have not been separately determined in a programmatic manner (WCAG 3.1.2).

The page footer headings do not adhere to a logical order (WCAG 1.3.1). The footer will be corrected upon updating the service.

There are deficiencies in the accessibility of the event search. For example, the search cannot be used through a keyboard interface (WCAG 1.3.1) and the contrast between the text and background is too low (WCAG 1.4.3). The event search issues will not be resolved until the completion of the new service.

The maps on the result page for the office contact detail search are browsed using path-based gestures (WCAG 2.5.1). The map view is embedded from a service that is external to the portal. The pages also display the office contact details in text format.

The site features embedded Facebook content from which it is slow and difficult for keyboard users to navigate back to the site. In the future, content producers are recommended to place any Facebook items behind separate links.

Services to be updated

The agendas and records on the decision-making pages are displayed as HTML pages and PDF files. Document attachments are PDF files. The attachment files are not fully accessible. The process of updating document production has been initiated, and an accessible decision-making section for the site will be completed by the end of 2021.

In the future, the Helsinki-lehti magazine will be published through the new platform. The City’s financial statement and environmental report will also be added early on to the platform to be completed by the end of 2020.

The newsletter service of the Helsinki City Executive Office is not fully accessible. The procurement of a new system has been initiated, and the aim is to have it operational within 2021.

An accessible version of the event area card website will be released by the end of 2020.

The accessibility requirements do not apply to all content

The service contains videos that lack captions and audio descriptions. The law states that video content published before 23.9.2020 does not need to be rendered accessible or removed from the site retroactively (WCAG 1.2.2., WCAG 1.2.5).

The service includes maps that are not accessible to all users. The law does not require map content to be accessible, but essential guiding content must be provided as written text, for example.

Did you notice shortcomings in accessibility?

We are constantly striving to improve the accessibility of the online service. If you encounter issues that are not described on this page, please report them to us and we will do our best to rectify them.

You can provide feedback via this online form ( or send e-mail to

You can also use the feedback channel to request accessible information on the content of the website.

Accessibility control

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland monitors compliance with the applicable accessibility requirements. If you are dissatisfied with a response or do not receive one within two weeks, you can submit your feedback to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland.

Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland,
Accessibility control unit
Telephone exchange number 0295 016 000

The accessibility statement for the website is the responsibility of the communications content production unit of the Helsinki City Executive Office. This statement was prepared on 22.9.2020.

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